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     Welcome to Downtown Home & Garden - a hundred-year-old shop right in the heart of downtown Ann Arbor. Over the last century, our store has evolved from a livery stable and feed mill into an urban emporium for garden supplies, classic housewares, durable outdoor clothing, and gourmet kitchenware. Welcome to the store! -Mark

6th Annual Pickle Contest Winners
October 11, 2014
Our 6th Annual Pickle Contest and Public Tasting has now come to a close. After 150 ballots cast in an incredibly close competition, we've got three very deserving winners to announce. Many thanks to the enthusiastic crowds who came to taste and offer their opinions, and many more thanks to the intrepid canners who inspired us with their unique creations.

1st Place: Snappy Paddock Peas (#14)
    - by Linda Paddock

2nd Place: Pickled Tomatillos & Habaneros Going for the Whole Enchilada (#21)
    - by Ariel Brumbaugh

3rd Place: Julie's Pickled Pickles (#8)
    - by Julianne Bailey

Runners-up included:
Dad's Famous (Organic) Bread & Butter (#4) by Linda Brown
Henry's Bread & Butter (#5) by Amy Sundback

Those paying close attention may be thinking, "Hey! Ariel just won the Jam Contest with a tomatillo recipe. Where can I get these multi-award-winning tomatillos?" I asked her that very question, and she told me they came from... Downtown Home & Garden! So additional thanks to one of the local growers who supplies us with vegetable starts in the springtime: Don Zywicki provided the tomatillo plants. We'll have more vegetables from him next spring - come on by in early May for some of the best plant starts in town.

16th Annual Jam Contest Winners
October 4, 2014
Our 16th Annual Jam Contest and Public Tasting took place today, and we're delighted to announce the results. Big thanks to the nearly 200 people who turned out to taste and vote for their favorites, and even bigger thanks to all the generous friends of the store who shared their canning skills with us by submitting jams for the contest.

1st Place: Tomatillo in the Lime Light (#26)
    - by Ariel Brumbaugh

2nd Place: All Natural Raspberry (#10)
    - by David Beemer

3rd Place: Roasted Peach Jam with Honey (#8)
    - by Kirsten Hensley

Close runners-up included:
Triple Berry Rhubarb (#23) by Julianne Bailey
Hemingway's Hangover (#13) by Emily Brink
Merry Rhubarb Strawberry Jam (#14) by Amy Sundback

It's worth noting that "Tomatillo in the Lime Light" won by a landslide - we've never had such a resounding winner in the Jam Contest. So extra congratulations to Ariel Brumbaugh for that. We'll be posting her recipe as soon as we receive it, so if you missed your chance to taste it in the contest, you can try to make your own at home.

Additionally, we've been told by David Beemer that his second place winner, "All Natural Raspberry," is available for sale: $12 for a pint, $6 for a half-pint. If you're interested, email us at, and we'll send you his email address.

Don't forget - our 6th Annual Pickle Contest and Public Tasting will take place here at the store next Saturday from 10:00-1:00. Please submit your entries before 6:00pm this Friday.