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Don't want to brave the hordes at the Zingerman's Deli just to get a loaf of bread or a cinnamon roll? We've got our very own Zingerman's bread counter right here in the store. We also feature locally-roasted coffee from Coffee Express, popcorn from Ann Arbor's own Bur Oaks Farm, and local Dixboro Maple Syrup. We shop local whenever we can, and we hope you will, too.



 Bread of the Month - $4.50
       From January through October, Zingerman's Bakehouse has a different loaf on sale. They rotate between the following breads: Paesano, Farm Loaf, Rustic Italian Round, Sourdough, Jewish Rye, and Sesame Semolina.

       We can special order any item you like from the Zingerman's Bakehouse, and you can pick it up from us. Please place your holiday orders at least three days in advance as the Bakehouse is particularly busy around the holidays. The following items are part of our regular orders each week. Call ahead for daily availability:

French Baguette
Jewish Rye
Rustic Italian Loaf
Sesame Semolina
Sourdough Round
Farm Loaf
Cinnamon Raisin
Pecan Raisin
Whole Wheat Farm
8 Grain 3 Seed
1610 Traditional
Amazin' Raisin
Roasted Garlic
Flipped Out Onion
Sea Salt
Enough Already
Sunny Honey Wheat
Sesame Street
Grand Poppy
Detroit Street
9 Is Fine Grain
Parmesan Pepper
Blueberry Muffin
Cranberry-Orange Muffin
Maple Bran Muffin
Lemon Scone
Ginger Scone
Cherry Scone
Country Scone

Cheddar-Herb Scone

Butter Croissant
Almond Croissant
Chocolate Croissant
Cinnamon Roll
Magic Brownie
Funky Chunky Chocolate Cookie
Ginger Jump-Up Cookie

For more information on Zingerman's Bakehouse and their artisan breads and pastries, check out
their website